Concept Project

HIVE Houston

Community Solutions

Artist Village Houston is designed to be a living work of art and self sustaining village for artists and creative individuals, institutions and the public. Hive Houston simultaneously transcends and includes a multiplicity of overlapping fields to remain flexible in adapting to a changing world’s socio-economic and cultural needs. HIVE Houston is aggressively practical while remaining hyper sensitive to the issues, needs and production of its core community and the community at large.


The Future of Business

HIVE Houston is a pioneering development in the emergent model of the future of business. HIVE Houston goes much further than providing unique creative services and production by providing a total community support system. It combines tourism, work, and shelter in the most efficient way possible today. Eco-tourism is also a booming trend, which HIVE Houston embraces as a concept by reserving some containers as a hostel, making HIVE Houston a destination to international eco-travelers and students.

Envisioning the Future

Reimagining the future of living and working

Supporting the Community

Happy Neighbors

HIVE Houston is a chance innovative development of this area of Houston, a largely poor underdeveloped African American neighborhood. The ensuing rise in nearby property values HIVE Houston will produce will be offset through preplanning to avoid driving off underserved members of the community. HIVE Houston seeks to build artists, the shock troops of gentrification, into the plan to ensure stability and sustainability of this important community.