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Industrial Materials

Shipping Containers

ISO modular shipping units create the space. These units are constructed of industrial steel members and 14 gauge steel panels, and are designed for floor loading in excess of 200 lbs per square foot, which exceeds standard commercial design.


Environmentally Friendly

The prefabricated and modular elements are just one aspect of the environmentally responsible design of the gallery, and increase the efficiency and reducing waste in the construction process. The floor and roof panels are structurally insulated panels, and exceed the required insulation values required by code.

The Building of a Gallery

Artistic sensibility and skill guides the process from start to finish.

Apama’s Vision Comes to Life

Happy Customer

Apama Mackey worked with the builders to design a structure that could not only be quickly designed, permitted and built, but which could also be disassembled, transported and re-erected as a gallery or residence with a minimum of waste.

Efficient Construction

Offsite Buildout

Working with containers allows us to build out the essentials in our warehouse space. Prefabrication is an efficient building process which is key if you are in a remote location without easy access to contractors, and it allows for quick assembly onsite.

Property Details

The Apama Mackey Gallery is a free-standing art gallery on a commercial street in the Houston Heights. It is a partially prefabricated, modular structure designed to be relocated in approximately three years with less than 5% waste. Due to our innovative use of prefabricated steel building modules, which form the structural and mechanical core of this project, Chong Park, PE served as structural engineer.

Numen Development was the partnership of Katie Nichols and John Walker. John and Katie founded Numen Development in 2006 to pursue unique residential and light commercial projects.

The Apama Mackey Gallery is the result of a chance discussion between the builders and Apama Mackey, co-owner of the Mackey Gallery, an established Houston art gallery. Mackey needed a new gallery space quickly and had a specific area in mind, near Wayne Gilbert’s Redbud Gallery on 11th Street. Mackey had seen temporary, mobile shipping container galleries at Art Basel Miami and was struck by the simple efficiency of the spaces.

It was only 120 days from our first discussion of this build to their occupancy

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