John Mason Walker

Artist – Builder – Professional

Since I was a child building with my fischertechnik building blocks to my latest adventures in crafting custom container homes, I’ve always had the drive to create and bring beautiful, functional things into the world. I spent my early adulthood learning the trade of carpentry, working in a cabinetry and furniture fabrication business. In 1995 Burning Man opened my eyes to the breadth of possibilities of how I could step up my creativity, and I began designing and building large sculptures, art installations, and creative camps. Over the years I’ve become skilled in welding, industrial design, metal working and more. Now, I run a fabrication shop in Utah, where I’m bringing dreams to life for people, and working on my own creative endeavors. Professionally, I’m a licensed real estate agent working in the Mark Sletten Group for Engel & Volkers in Park City, where I buy and sell mountain homes. You might also see me in the park with my DJ equipment jammin out some fine tunes.


Experience makes the difference

As early as junior high I started building my skills in carpentry, cabinetry and furniture making. I began my construction career working in a custom cabinetry shop in San Francisco in 1993, and designing my own furniture on the side.

I continued building my skills as a Project Manager for Houston-based W.M. Dillard and Associates from 1997 –2008, where I handled development of ground-up commercial projects from land acquisition, through platting and design, to construction and occupancy.

Working for a design-build firm, I served as a liaison between clients and architects, structural engineers, and city and county planning and building officials to fast-track commercial projects for companies including Rinker Hydro Conduit, Time Warner Telecom, Sysco foods, and Toshiba International.

In 2009, I Co-founded Numen Development to focus on progressive construction methods and running a zero-landfill fabrication shop for several years. Projects included modular-based designs that took advantage of my commercial construction background, and were featured on local design tours, and in Dwell Magazine and local publications.

After becoming a licensed real estate agent, I have finally launched the company of my desires. A place to let my creativity run wild and to take advantage of the wealth of experience I now have from management, planning, development, construction, to sales.


I create from the heart


I’m here to build cool shit


Contractor, Builder, Realtor

Let’s Get Creative Together

Let my 30 years of experience take your vision all the way to reality


The Birdcage is the inspiration for my next large sculptural Burning Man installation. The Birdcage is a monumental piece, 40’ tall, with an accessible interior  where you can sit, relax, dance, or interact. I am not only a builder and realtor, I am a furniture and cabinet maker, sculptor, world music and country dj, sculptor, and mad scientist. I am also known in Houston for pro bono work for arts groups. My first container project was the 1600 sf Apama Mackey Gallery, which was completed in 120 days from first conversation to occupancy, despite rain during 45 of the 60 days on site.

Let’s make cool shit

Hive is an ambitious vision that I have been involved in since 2015. We hope to construct a self-contained urban village out of shipping containers. In addition to innovative projects like Hive, I read widely and wildly, about everything from traditional Japanese architecture to experimental green building technologies and unorthodox building systems, and can’t wait to learn about new materials and techniques. Many of the systems and materials I have used are unfamiliar to building departments, and special variances were needed, which I personally had to negotiate.

Let’s make cool shit

John is a realtor for the Mark Sletten Group at Engel & Voelkers in Park City with over 25 years of experience of construction and development experience both commercial and residential prior to his real estate career. His skills in construction and development include but are not limited to: design innovation, permit pulling, subcontracting and general contracting, exploring and working with innovative building materials, interior design, and lighting design.

Let’s make cool shit

I grew up in Libya and have travelled throughout Europe and the US with an eye for interesting design. I also am a world music and old skool country dj, having played for a cuban birthday party, an arabic wedding, burlesque shows, belly dance troupes, and fire performers. I have attended Burningman off and on since 1995, for whom I was the regional coordinator in Houston for ten years. I have worked on the Temple and was the build lead on two large scale interactive sculptures.  With projects as wide ranging from a birdcage that you can have a dance party in – to a cozy and inviting family home, eclectic is my life’s work.

What do you want to make?